PSAC and U of S Reach Tentative Agreement for Graduate Students

After 7 months of bargaining, both sides were able to agree on terms.  This is a fantastic agreement for our members which includes sector leading economic increases.


– 4 year agreement
– Significant improvements to language around Employment Equity.
– Language for Employment Supervisor Training
– Improvements to language around Hours of Work and Harassment

Annual wage settlement

PSAC’s bargaining team successfully secured fair wage increases averaging at 2.5% per year. Graduate Student members would receive the following wage increases: 

Year 1      Year 2      Year 3      Year 4
  1%            3%           3%          3%

We appreciate the dialogue with the U of S during this round of bargaining.   The tone was always respectful from both sides which allowed us to move forward on a number of issues.

What’s Next? 
In the next couple of weeks you will receive a ratification kit.  This will contain all of the details of the tentative agreement.  Following that, we will schedule a ratification meeting which will be held virtually and members will be able to cast their vote on whether to accept the agreement.

Only Members In Good Standing (MIGS) will be allowed to vote. Links will be sent out in the coming days in order to ensure that your membership is up to date.

Thank You!
We would like to send a big thank you to our members for their show of support during the bargaining process.  Your engagement throughout the process helped guide us at the bargaining table and gave us strength when faced with resistance from the employer.

Finally, thank you to the bargaining team for taking on this challenging role.  It is a valuable learning experience, but it can also be grueling at times.  Thanks to their hard work and dedication, we came away with a very good tentative agreement.

Bargaining Team
Naheda Sathout
Sam Netzke
Jeffrey Zielinski

John Eustace

Research Officer
Silja Freitag

Regional Representative
Jesse Todd