Graduate Students Bargaining Update 

November 2019

The union bargaining team met on November 6th to review and discuss member input gathered from our recent survey on working conditions among U of S TAs, RAs, and SAs.  Based on those survey results, your team has generated the following items in its unranked mandate for bargaining:

  • Strengthen harassment and discrimination language to ensure a fair and speedy process when an incident occurs.
  • Ensure Employment Supervisors receive training on the collective agreement so they understand members’ rights and supervisory responsibilities.
  • Ensure the union gets the information it needs from the Employer so it can defend the rights of members, and ensure members get the information they need so they know their rights.
  • Get more details in the letter of offer so members understand what their responsibilities are.
  • Ensure members receive notice of appointment at least a week before the appointment begins.
  • Ensure members have an opportunity to meet with the Employment supervisor to complete Appendix B during the first week of classes.
  • Ensure members are not required to work more hours than their contract stipulates without remuneration.
  • Improve compensation and benefits.

The union needs your feedback on the mandate the team has produced from the bargaining surveys.  To that end, we would like to provide you with two opportunities to share that feedback, either by email or in person.

In solidarity,

Your PSAC Local 40004 Bargaining Team

Saman Naghieh

Naheda Sahtout

Jeffery Zielinksi

Jesse Todd (PSAC Regional Rep)

Silja Freitag (PSAC Researcher)

John Eustace (PSAC Negotiator)